How does it works

Myflor® allows users to:

  • Insert online their own products availability.
  • Program their purchases well in advance.
  • Sell flowers on a worldwide scale.
  • Handles their own transport logistic throughout a network of couriers set up by area and time zone.


Info :

  • Receive updates on what is new in the flower business.
  • Improve your professionality throughout constant flowers info updates.
  • Receive sneak-peak on new varieties on the market.
  • Get advised on your purchases from our expertise.

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  • Do you operate in flowers’ business? You can sign up for free.
  • You will be able to decide later whether you want to do business on Myflor and who you want to do it with.
  • Get the chance to review online production and flowers’ catalog.
  • Get to know suppliers and their products.