Myflor® is

The Features+

Myflor is different:

All Growers can join to present themselves and sell

It allows the Distributor / Wholesaler to operate its Customers
It is chosen the reference Distributor and the desired arrival date and not just the initial one.
The order can be made at more Growers, also located in several locations
It provides important information to improve the professionalism of the operators.
It allows the florist to learn about the products, the production and the periods.
Allows the selection and context of growers, products, colors
It provides the feedback of growers
It offers a customizable logistics for each Distributor / Wholesaler and Florist.
It allows the production planning.
It makes known new business opportunities.

It resolves all doubts about the seasonality, accessibility and availability of a product
Fa conoscere nuove opportunità di business
Risolve tutti i dubbi sulla stagionalità, reperibilità e disponibilità di un prodotto

How does it work+

The grower

  • Present online its expected production
  • Create and put online all items in the catalog for sale
  • Accredits Distributors and Customers of his interest
  • It receives orders from Distributors and Customers
  • Organize customized shipping

The distributor/ Wholesaler

  • Select growers with whom to collaborate
  • Organize own logistics or use that common
  • Accredits its customers Florists to operate
  • Presents and sells online its warehouse products
  • Allows the customer florist to buy lots of affiliated growers
  • He can buy himself through Myflor
  • He receives notice of the order made by the Florist
  • He receives the goods from the growers
  • Deliver the goods to the Florist

The Florist

  • Sees the planned production, the product and the period
  • Sees the global catalog for sale
  • Sees and buy from the store’s own Distributor
  • Sees and buys lots for sale by growers
  • Receives the products from the distributor or courier


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Myflor è nato dalla collaborazione fra Infoser e Gori Fiori, aziende con esperienze ultradecennali nell’information technology e nella distribuzione di fiori italiani ed esteri

Infoser di Checcucci D. & C. s.a.s
Via Tegolaia, 45
50012 – Grassina (FI)
P.I. 05739900487
055 640313
Gori s.r.l.
Via Fosso Legnami 279-257,
Loc. Pian di Mommio, 55040 Massarosa (LU)
P.IVA 01497830461
0584 53282


I am a Grower:

What is the benefit to be present ?
You can introduce your production and your catalog and interact with all the players chosen by you.

What does it cost to join ?
Membership does not cost, Myflor® finances itself through advertising

How can I include my products ?
You’ll get access to a restricted area with the appropriate information

Who sees my products ?
All those who have registered to Myflor, although not operate

Those who see the catalog of products on sale ?
All Distributors / Wholesalers who have qualified to work and their customers with prices, all the other without prices

Who can make me orders ?
All operators who have qualified to work with you

Who pays me the products sold ?
Operators who have authorized to operate within the limits of the granted credit

How can I check the orders ?
You receive an email and a text message with a warning that you have an order

How long do I have to prepare the goods ?
Is up to you, the system tells you when the withdrawal takes place, depending on the choices you’ve made

How do I join ?
You can register for the “Register” section, you will be contacted by the System Manager.

I am a Distributor / Wholesaler

What is the benefit to join ?
You may have to work your customers without losing them, before they do the other

What does it cost to join ?
Membership does not cost, Myflor® finances itself through advertising

What I gain in the transaction ?
Enter the mark that you want, fixed and percentage figure, even for single lot

How can I enter my customers ?
You have access to a restricted area where you can enter and enable your customers to work with you.

How can I protect my position ?
You can choose to remain confidential your customers and your prices

I can use the software only for me ?
You can do it, ask the system manager. The software can be installed separately and exclusively for your position

How can I join ?
You can register for the “Register” section, you will be contacted by the System Manager.

I am a Florist

What is the benefit to join ?
You can interact with your Distributors and Growers, know the seasons and availability of their products

What does it cost to join ?
Membership does not cost, Myflor® finances itself through advertising

To whom can I order ?
All suppliers that have enabled you to operate

Who gave me the products ?
Distributor / Wholesaler through whom it made the order or directly to the courier

Who should pay ?
Distributor / Wholesaler in which you supported, who has given you a credit limit

About my protection order ?
The same Distributor / Wholesaler through which you have sent the order

How do I join ?
You can apply for membership directly to your Distributor / Wholesaler or join in
“register”, you will be contacted by the System Manager.